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Life at Chemie – Tech

“When people work together in Harmony and Peace, Everything seems bright and sunny
When there is Team Enthusiasm, trust and belief …
The result is always great “

Life @ Chemie – Tech is exciting and interesting. We strongly believe that the success and durability of the company lays with our Talent in – house.
This belief is outlined through our programs which aims at preparing the systems and developing the overall applications to make Chemie – Tech a better place to work.
@ Chemie – Tech we have brought in an effective system of bringing in associates and their families together as we believe our people are our Assets and we make sure to indulge and excite them with Fun activities and family get togethers.
Life at Chemie – Tech is built by its people and with our in – house talent pool we are sure to do things others consider impossible. So there’s always an exciting and challenging project at your table and we make sure to create an extraordinary project and successfully take on the most extreme challenges.
We are Chemie – Tech, an exceptionally global, driven by values and ethics, providing tailor – made solutions to our clients, focusing on Quality at work, and prime importance to health and safety of people and our Operations.
We @ Chemie – Tech work closely and tirelessly with our partners in our quest to become the “ To be foremost global EPC Service Provider in the industry” both at home and around the Globe.
With our guiding values and principles rooted in world-class customer service, innovation, and commitment to Human Capital Development, we continue to work diligently to contribute to our business.

Hiring – Graduate Trainees

Chemie – Tech provides a gateway to young generations to build a highway of growth for oneself by mentoring,training, brainstorming and providing an opportunity to think out-side the box.

Today, we continue to look for new and innovative ways to maximize the value of our resources, pioneering those approaches and technologies that will ensure we are able to meet the demands of our ever- changing market, and continue to have a positive impact on the economy for the generations to come and for achieving these, we need new ideas and new minds and we connect with them through the Tier – 1 colleges for placement. We were lucky to get the best of “40” Graduate Engineer Trainee on board in our annual placement drive.

Focus is on deploying talent & technology to diversify our offerings and achieve sustainable development and hence we train and mould our young bunch out of college to provide an excellent corporate environment to brainstorm and providing some exciting and challenges ideas.

Our People

Sanusi Abdullahi

As the General Manager – QA/QC, it is my primary responsibility to provide leadership of quality to the Company and its global projects. I recognise that keeping focus on involvement of people is one of the keys to success in leadership role as mine. The leadership of Chemie – Tech, is focused on the “ Team First approach”. The Team First approach makes it a point that everybody in the team is empowered to take responsibility for everything he or she does…Quality is everybody’s business at Chemie – Tech and I am proud to be associated with that.
I have personally experienced that the diverse people in the company open the minds of employees to new ideas and its pretty amazing to see how everyone can collaborate together and make the end result exceptionally great.

Sanusi AbdullahiGeneral Manager – QA/QC
Hendrick Jacobus Claasen

My ultimate vision would be to successfully implement and manage a safety system of a world class standard, and thereby create a safety culture that all employees can partake and live by, through changing ones mindset” and Chemie – Tech provided me with an opportunity to dwell into it and provide my expertise to this Growing Organization.
My role in Chemie – Tech provided me with the opportunity to create an experience that made the journey our clients extremely seamless and thoughtfully guide our clients in making their dreams come true by immersing the clients into a space which was comfortable and memorable.
Chemie – tech didn’t just rise with the tide, infact we had built relationships over time with our clients and our clients have trusted us and every stage we showed we are capable and I am proud that I am a Chemie – Techian”.
I have had a great experience working with this world class team of professionals who bring in the best to the table and here at Chemie – Tech we encourage simple, clear and effective communication and our ethics to achieve our goals in the correct manner and promote the company’s reputation.

Hendrick Jacobus ClaasenManager – HSE (Vopak- South Africa)
Anuja Nair

Everyday we work in an environment where our people feel involved in Chemie – Tech ‘s future by promoting a culture of inclusion within a business, that is highly internationally – oriented.
I have been associated with Chemie – Tech for past two years and I am excited with the varied culture, different characteristics, personal and cultural orientation are considered as resources and a great source of mutual enrichment.
Chemie – Tech has always believed in its Human Resources and Human Relations and thereby all upholds the belief that “Success is always collective” and that is why We invest in the creation of fruitful and open working environments wherein the Individuals can collaborate and work together.

Anuja Nair Executive – Human Resources
Vlasceanu Florina Gabriela

I have been extremely fortunate to be associated with Chemie – Tech, a Global arena I would like to call as we have a varied cultural diversity and a pool of extremely talented people on board to motivate, guide, and develop you at every step of your career.
The culture @ Chemie – Tech is very different and at the same time every beautiful that drives and makes a great place to work.
I am happy about this collaboration

Vlasceanu Florina GabrielaManager

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